Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July's Blog Challenge: Days 7-10

I'm participating in a blog challenge with another blogger friend of mine (and kindred spirit, if I say so myself) for the month of July. It's really been fun! Since Kristin and I both don't blog on Sundays, we decided to double up on Mondays...but the past two Mondays are starting to look like my busy day again. So today you will be getting the blog challenge results from Saturday to today (Tuesday).

If you missed days 1-6, go here for a link to access all of those.

Day 7: High Angle
This is from the top of my son's bunk bed. This is also what they are doing in the morning. They are not allowed out of their rooms until 8 am (their alarm clock is set), so if they wake up before that, they have to quietly entertain themselves in their rooms. This morning, I found them all doing art. As long as it wasn't markers or paint, I really don't care. :) 
DAY 8:
This was at about 8:30 last night. We don't get much of a sunset view from our house. SunRISE, YES!! Sunset, not so much! 

This was at 9 pm. Not much different, but this was the best I could do. 
DAY 9: Fresh Fruit
These were fresh about 5 minutes before this picture. I made these yummy figs into a Low-Sugar Fig Jam
DAY 10: Animal
She got caught digging to China. This is our newest addition to our family, an 80 lb puppy. 

This is the old lady in our house (and our first child). She's going on 13 years, and I love her oh so much! 

No commentary today on these pictures.

Tomorrow's challenge: Silhouette....hmm....

And go to Kinder Words to see my friend's pictures on the same blog challenge.

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  1. "J" almost looks like he has Mickey Mouse ears on.