Monday, July 16, 2012

July's Blog Challeng: #11-13

If you have noticed on my blog challenges lately I've been combining a few pictures at a time. I was trying to catch up, but my schedule is so stinkin' busy that I don't always have time to snap a picture and then blog about it. My friend, Kristin, over at Kinder Words, who is also doing the blog challenge with me, had a similar problem. She has a more noble reason than mine: she wants better quality pictures. :)

So we compromised. We decided that instead of trying to post something every day, we would do Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'm going to go ahead and post the next three picture challenges, and then Wednesday I'll do #14 and possibly #15.

Here they are! (and instead of saying "Day __", it will henceforth be "Number ___")

Number 11: Silhouette

Number 12: Sun flare

Number 13: Reminds you of childhood

What does this all say about me?

1) I had a hard, hard time trying to decide the best way to get a silhouette. I had all kinds of ideas in my head about some awesome pretty things to do, but they didn't turn out. So the picture of my son and his shadow (the dog was supposed to be in the picture as well, but she got distracted by a squirrel) was the best I could do.

2) I wasn't sure the "sun flare" picture was going to turn out, but I like it! What I like a LOT is the reflection of the the trampoline in the picture as well. It looks like I took the picture behind a screen, but I didn't!

3) I loved, loved, loved my trampoline as a kid. I spent hours and hours on it. So when we found one for a great price, I bought one for my kids. Not only have we jumped and jumped on it, but we have also lain on it  and watched the first stars come out; we have slept on it; and we have read books on it while soaking up the sun. All things I did as a kid that I'm passing on to mine.

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