Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July's Blog Challenge: Day(s) 1-3

Here's the Story:

My friend, Kristin, over at Kinder Words, "liked" a page on Pinterest the other day, and I immediately told her if she did it, I would do it too! She found a blog challenge (for June, not July) to take a specific picture each day. I'm not sure if the picture was supposed to be blogged about, but Kristin took it that way, and because Kristin is cool like that, so did I!

Since neither of us blog on Sundays, we decided to double up on Mondays so we could still do it all. The problem was, for me, my yesterday (a Monday) was so jammed up with SAHM-things to do (no jokes please), I didn't sit down to rest until, I kid you not, about 10 pm. I didn't have time to do day 1-2.

So today....I will be doing days 1-3, in hopes to catch up! (Clink on "blog challenge" link above for rules and more details)

DAY 1: Self Portrait

That's me. Since the rules state the picture cannot be taken any earlier than the day before the challenge/post, I had to wait all day before I was confident enough with a picture to post. This morning, I went through about 15 different pics (my poor camera phone), but no matter what the angle or hair style or whatever, I had  no color in my face yet, and I still had that sleepy-eyed look...even after 2 cups of coffee. Then, in the afternoon, my hair pretty much was in a ponytail. It is HOT here in Charleston, SC, and my hair goes UP when it gets 80 degrees. So, when I took this pic, it was a little lumpy from the ponytail. A little bit of this and a little bit of that, and voila! A decent pic!

So what does this picture say about me? Well, I wasn't being amused. You can tell because of the closed mouth smile. When I find something so stinkin' funny, believe me, those teeth come out!

What else does this say? I was multi-tasking. See the computer behind me? And the mason jar lid? I was updating pictures, checking email, and snacking on my lunch....a homemade protein shake. So I whipped around, snapped a pic, and then turned back to finish my work.

and that's about it for that pic.

DAY 2: Your favorite shoes

So....I have two favorite shoes. I'm not sure if this is cheating, but I did it anyway.

What does this pic say about me?

1) I still had red tie-die on my leg from getting shirts ready for the 4th of July! I didn't even realize it until I saw the picture! Grr!

2) I have a favorite pair of casual shoes and a favorite pair of dressy shoes. I wear those sandals pretty much everywhere. But if I can find a pretty red something I wear those red shoes! I have some pretty large calf muscles, so these shoes make them look pretty!

3) I need to recycle that milk jug...that's why it's not in the trash....and it wasn't supposed to be in the picture.

And finally,

Day 3: Hands

The is a collage of pictures made with my hand up against all the members of my household...dogs included.

What does this say about me?


1)Everytime I took a picture, the lines "My hands are small, I know..." kept repeating over and over in my head. I have small hands. Look at the bottom left. My 7-year-old's hands are almost as big as mine!

2) Maybe Abigail should have washed the dye off her hands before I took this picture. It looks like I let my child bleed.

3) The most important hands that I like to hold in my house are my husband's. Notice his are the middle.

So this was fun! A bit much for one day, but fun all the same. Can't wait for tomorrow when it is, conveniently, "clouds"...4th of July, here I come!


FIRST: If you haven't already gone to Kinder Words to check out her pics, do it now...I'll wait.....good stuff, huh?

SECOND: If you have a blog and would like to join Kristin and me, let me know, and I'll make sure to tag you in tomorrow's post!

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