Thursday, July 5, 2012

July's Blog Challenge: Day 5

It's Day 5 of this new blog challenge that my friend Kristin (at Kinder Words) and I are doing. This has really been a ton of fun, and I love looking for ways to meet the challenge each day. The night before, when I see what's expected of me the next day, I have just simple picture ideas in my head. But then when I start actually taking the pictures, all kinds of ideas start flowing.

To see what I've done so far, go to these links:
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And without further ado, here is today's challenge:

Day 5: Breakfast Today
This is what the family had for breakfast: fruit salad (apples, figs, peaches, and strawberries),  BACON, homemade buttermilk biscuits with homemade "churned butter" (honey butter, that is), and creamy grits with cheese. 

And this is what I had for breakfast....coffee and a homemade protein shake (made with homemade yogurt...in a crockpot!) This one is fruity! 

And see the little cat on the bottom right? That's what my 80 lb puppy had for breakfast. One-Eyed Harry and Bat are veterans of being "puppy-loved", so they were there for moral support....
After some cosmetic surgery

So what does this say about me?

1) July 5th is a hard day to get up and cook for 6 people (J's friend was spending the night). After a full day of cooking and preparing, I was not really excited about making a meal...and we were out of eggs...and butter (ironically, since I made butter yesterday...just not the right kind). So when I finally put everything together, I was actually satisfied with what I was presenting to my family.

2) I am serious about my weight! Dern it! I mentioned to my chiropractor last week about my weight, exercise, and so on. She told me maybe I'm just not getting enough protein. I may be eating too many fruits and veggies, and not enough protein. That gave me pause. You know? She could be on to something! I don't really like meat all that much. When I eat it, it's normally a small amount. So I have decided to try these protein drinks for 1-2 meals a day for a couple of weeks. Maybe,  just maybe, this will be what my problem is....not that I'm unhappy. I just want to be healthy...see here for more details about my opinions on my weight.


3) Of the many hats I wear, surgeon is one of them...and EBPA sponsor (Eaten By Puppies Association). :)

Now to prepare for tomorrow's blog challenge: Books.

Oh YAY!!!!! As a former English teacher, this one should be FUUUUUUUN!

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  1. I hope the protein shakes help! I have to get a seal for my blender, and then I am going to start doing some as well with some of these frozen berries I have! Can't wait to see your book post!! :)