Friday, July 6, 2012

July's Blog Challenge: Day 6

Here it is, DAY 6 of the blog challenge, my friend Kristin, over at Kinder Words, and I are doing. If you have not caught up, here are the links for Days 1-5:

1) Day(s) 1-3: Self-Portrait, Shoes, Hands
2) Day 4: Clouds
3) Day 5: Breakfast Today

....and now, presenting....

Day 6: Books 
Abigail reading a book to herself! ...well, sort of. 

My son (the one in the over-sized yellow shirt) is searching for a book. He is like his daddy and likes the Atlas. They have a GREAT one at this store. 

Jed LOVES this book. It's a really cool flip book on dinosaurs. 

Storytime at our very own little book store, A Very Little Bookstore  (find them on Facebook!) 

Shelves and shelves of books next to our fireplace (and see the pile next to the bookshelf?) 

And another bookshelf packed with books (and see the books next to it?) 

The current book I'm reading. I LOVE this author, Tracie Peterson, and am reading through whatever books the Summerville Library has! (and this is a Christian novel, so it's more about developing Godly relationships than about the stuff that is oh so popular right now) 

A little embarrassed to show you this picture, but this is the boys' bookshelf. They also each have about 4 books on their beds that they are too lazy to put back in their proper place. 

And as a former English teacher, I can't really say that I have a favorite book, but I can say there are some books I just love to teach. These books are some of my absolute favorites!! 

What does this say about me? 

1) My family really, really values reading. Every day I have my children enjoy FOB time (feet on bed). They can read, color, or sleep for a minimum of an hour each day...on their beds. No talking, no music, and most definitely no tv. And each evening, we allow the kids to "stay up late" reading. Just in the past year, I had to put a stop to buying books. We were spending TONS of money on books, so we started going to the library around twice a month. We started with small books and audiobooks (my kids loved listening to Magic Treehouse books), and now my kids get all kinds of books, comic books, music, and movies at the library.

2) I really need to clean my bookshelves. About once a year or so, my husband and I go through our books looking for books to take to goodwill or to pass on to someone else, but we have such a hard time. I just can't let them go...hence the library now.

3) My personal favorites are mostly from British Literature. Not only do I love it, but I taught it for 6 years. I would also add to that basket of books Beowulf, Canterbury Tales,  and Pride and Prejudice. This coming school year will be my 3rd out of the classroom, and talking about these books makes me really, really, really miss teaching. ::sigh:: Well, sometimes life has chapters we would like to revisit, but I think that is only because we don't really, truly understand the value of where we currently are in our own book. I can't wait to look back on my current chapter to see how I have developed in character.

Okay, that's it for today.

Tomorrow's challenge: High Angle

Uh...ok. Well, check back tomorrow to see what I come up with...because right now, I've got nothing. :)

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