Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July Blog Challenge: Day 4

So I'm doing this blog challenge with my friend, Kristin, over at Kinder Words. Yesterday I was super behind, and I did Days 1-3. Today I was so excited about the theme because I was going to have an awesome opportunity to be creative! So, as I have done for the first couple of days, I will post some pictures that go with the theme, and then I will discuss what it says about me (or whatev).

Day 4: Clouds
So at first I thought this would be easy. We would be outside all evening (when there was a chance of thunderstorms) for the 4th of July. And....no clouds....

Well, there was this one, but that was about it. 

So I decided to get creative and take pictures of the "smoke clouds" caused by fireworks! 

Look at all those clouds!! 

And more clouds! 

So what does this all say about me?

I'm a lemonade out of lemons type of girl!

Or creative.

And that's about it.

Tomorrow's challenge? Breakfast (from tomorrow's breakfast)...and this really will be a challenge. Since I spent most of today cooking for tonight's 4th of July festivities, I am out of eggs, so there goes all kinds of yummy options. I'm thinking I might to do grits. I dunno. Check in tomorrow to see.

And if you are interested in doing this challenge with me, let me know, and I'll link your blog on tomorrow's post.

Happy 4th, everyone!

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