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Wednesday's Cleaning: Room by Room Series: The Bedroom

I'm back! Christmas break really threw me through a loop with keeping up with the schedule. So, just like most American's I have made a New Year's Resolution (well, quite a few, actually), and part of that is to keep up with the cleaning and blogging. So here's to helping you get organized as I work on getting organized.

I am picking up with my "Room by Room" Series. In case you missed the past ones, here are the links:

Starting this week, and finishing next week (hopefully), I will be focusing on the bedroom(s). The link I'm going to be reviewing is below, as well as another great resource that is featuring cleaning the master bedroom this month. Remember, I am only highlighting some of the tips that we are given through A Virtuous Woman. Please see the link below for a full detail. It REALLY is a great resource. 

  • Cleaning the Bedroom is the download from A Virtuous Woman I will be highlighting. 
  • Household Notebook is the link where you can find all the downloads I highlight and some I won't be highlighting. (This is also where I got my downloads for my New Year's Resolution Checklist).  
  • Home Organization from Just Mommies. Do yourself a favor and check out this website. You won't regret it. 
and now presenting....

The Bedroom
1. Bedroom linens: (she gives a quick review of the things that are typical of items found on a bed) 
  • Mattress Cover and Pad. I'm not really sure why it took me so long to get me one of these, but I got one this past summer for my own bed. The kids have always had one, but I never thought I would really need one for myself and my hubby. That is until one of those home cleaning people came by my house to show off a nifty vacuum cleaner...I mean "Home Cleaning System". They did a quick vacuum of the Abigail's mattress to show how much dirt we leave in the mattress, and I was really grossed out. At least with a mattress cover and pad I can trap some of that dirt to wash once a week or so. Think about how clean your mattress is once you lay down on a clean one! Get one if you don't have one, and make sure you wash it at least twice a month. 
2. Monthly caring for the bedroom (highlights): 
  • Rotate and flip mattresses. I do this, but not as frequently as I should (about every other month). I also like to spot treat anything on the mattress before I flip it. That way I know when I flip it again, I will be laying on a clean side. 
  • Air throw rugs and pillows in the sun. Huh. Never thought of this before. Really? In the sun? Why not? The dog likes to lie in the sun, why not the rugs and pillows, too? 
  • Vacuum under the bed. Uh...I'm such an "undercover" hoarder when it comes to under my bed. But it's always an adventure when I rearrange my furniture. If I could just get in the habit of vacuuming under my bed, maybe I wouldn't dread moving the furniture so much. 
3. Weekly caring for the bedroom (highlights): 
  • Dust. Really, I dust the rest of my house because people see those places. I tend to neglect the bedroom. But last night as I was looking around my room (especially since the Just Mommies website is focusing on cleaning the master bedroom this month), I noticed the layer of dust on, well, everything. My bathroom is dust-free, my hallway is dust-free, my FANS  are dust-free, as well as my living room and kitchen, but the layer on my bedposts, side table, and the molding above the closet is pretty thick. This is going to be added to my weekly cleaning for sure! 
4. Daily caring for the bedroom (highlights): 
  • Air the bed. There will be more on this next week when I cover how to properly make the bed, but I was just awed by this. If you sleep with a man (your husband), you know the funky smells that can come from a man at night. Why do we trap them in the bed first thing in the morning? Air that baby out! 
  • Put away things. Yup. Last night you had a glass of milk or a cup of hot tea before you went to sleep, and now it is sitting on your night stand. I have been guilty of leaving a dish on my night stand for a week before I walked it to the sink. Taking it to the sink first thing in the morning is a new habit I am forming. It's a good one to have. 
So that is part 1 of cleaning the bedroom. Next week I am going to blow your mind with how to properly make your bed. Stay tuned and happy cleaning! 

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