Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday's Review: NYR, week 1 and Ever So Sweet Bakery

Here it is Saturday night, 1 hour before Sunday, January 7th, and I am finally able to sit down to do Friday's post. As mentioned last week when I reviewed a book, The Duchess and the Dragon, I have decided that Fridays will be my reviewing day. I am also going to hold myself accountable this year with my New Years Resolutions by using Fridays as a day to review how well I have been sticking to my goals. Let's hope I can really do my best this year!

REVIEW (local business) : Ever So Sweet Bakery, Summerville, SC

One minute from my house is the cutest little bakery called "Ever So Sweet". I denied myself the pleasure of going in there because I'm trying to lose weight, dern it, and going to a bakery was not going to help it. But one beautiful Sunday afternoon as we were heading home from church, Joe suggested we stop by to get dessert for after lunch. And of course, I said "yes!" When I went in, I was pleasantly surprised at the selection they have! This bakery is not a chain; it's a family owned (pretty sure) local business that really specializes in all kinds of goodies. I have tried everything from cake, to cupcakes, to scones, to bagels, to tarts, to a loaf of french bread (that went lovely with the soup I had in the crockpot at the house). Everything. Is. Wonderful! The Sundays that we don't make it before they close (1 pm on Sundays), my kids are terribly upset. And that is a good sign of a great business. 

As for customer service, I could not say enough great things about them. The gentleman that serves us every Sunday is so incredibly nice, and he recognizes us every time we come in. They truly are wonderfully nice people. 

Here is a link to their Facebook page. They are really good at updating their information and sharing new things online for their customers. If you are ever in the Summerville area, you really need to check them out! Below is a picture of one of the things Abigail and I got right before Christmas. 

Fudge Peppermint Brownie (this was half of it) and Spice Cake Cupcake with Chocolate Butter cream icing

New Year's Resolution 2012 Review: 

So week 1 of 2012 is done. This time last week I was fighting sleep just so I can see Lady Ga Ga (two words? one? whatever) and Mayor What's-His-Face push the button for the big ball to drop. I was determined to make sure that I stick to my goals I have set for this new year. I made a big poster board with a checklist of daily, weekly, monthly, and overall goals for this year, laminated it, and I use a red dry erase marker to write the daily and weekly goals, and then use a green dry erase marker to check off the goals. It's really been great at keeping me accountable. Why just about 2 hours ago I glanced at the list and realized that I hadn't done today's only chore (wash throw rugs and bathroom towels). So, I hurried my tush on to complete these chores. And this morning a friend (hi Audrey!) of mine checked out my list and volunteered to help me with one of the goals for this year. I really like that! I like that we are all in this together. So in my review of my goals this week, I am going to share how I've done so far. Below are two things: a picture of my goals at the end of this week (if you checked out the NYR 2012 page, you will see the picture without the checks, this one will be what it looks like at the end of the week) and the list with the new adjustments and completions. I hope this helps to spur you to make some good goals and stick to them this year! 


  • Do a devotion EVERY DAY (I missed 1 day...today) 
  • Organize daily schedule (Yay!) 
  • Take a break from Facebook one full day a week (So far so good! Sundays may be the day every week)
  • Walk every Wednesday and Friday (I walked Wednesday and did circuit training Friday. Fair trade)
  • Bake bread at least once a week (Twice this week! Loaf of bread AND pretzel bites!)
  • Go to New Orleans
  • Go down one dress size
  • Meatless Mondays (Ravioli! Yum!) 
  • Speak softer to my children (Nope. Not a good mom this week) 
  • Be more obvious in my love for my husband (eh. Did okay. Could always do better. Goal, right?) 
  • Make freezer meals at the beginning in the middle of each month (works out for us better with our budget)
  • Go to lunch with my mom once a month
  • Pay off a major debt
  • Clean/organize the pantry room (DONE! although this will stay on the list as a reminder each week)
  • Clean/organize the craft room
  • Have the youth over
  • Have the college kids over (Date set!) 
  • Make a new friend (not an acquaintance, but a friend) (Hey Audrey!) 
  • Stick to chore schedule (Missed one day!) 
  • Stick to reward/consequences chart (Missed one day!) 
  • Have family worship once a week (It kept getting moved because of circumstances. This WILL happen!)
  • Take the kids to volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Visit Connie Maxwell
  • Find a new hobby
  • Have one sewing project a month
  • Promote a local business on my blog once a month (Done for this month! See above) 
  • Get a family photo done (professionally) 
  • Go to the dentist
  • Have a date with the husband once a month
  • Try a new, exotic food
  • Have a successful garden 
  • Read a non-fiction book 
  • Go to bed with a clean kitchen (Done EVERY NIGHT this week!!! Yay!!!) 
  • Recycle (I put it out, but they didn't pick it up! Is my junk not good enough?) :( 

  • I hope this helps you! Have a great week! And don't forget to try out Ever So Sweet! 

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