Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Friday's Review: The Duchess and the Dragon

So with the New Year approaching, I've decided to change up my weekly blogging schedule just a tad. I'm not always able to do enough curriculum with Abigail during the week to really blog about it (or really anything that's super exciting. Sometimes teaching is just teaching not necessarily always fun, new things). So I decided that Fridays would be my day to review things. I will still take days review curriculum with Abigail, but I will also be reviewing books (because I read like 2 a week), local business (as stated in my New Year's Resolutions), or review music/television show/movie (ha! like I ever go to one of those!). I am starting today with reviewing a book.

I have become a regular at the local library, and my goal for last year was to read more romance books that had less sex and more real life situations where people discover how to treat each other and how to learn to, well, learn God. It doesn't always have to be Christian fiction, but just good, clean reading. And I have hit the jackpot with quite a few authors. Today's book is The Duchess and the Dragon, by Jamie Carie.

This book is set in England and in Pennsylvania during the reign of King George. It's a love story that really seems close to realistic. You have two classes of people thrown together in some pretty drastic circumstances. And just when you think "Ah! He's finally got it!" He falls short. The main character's decisions affects all of those around him, including the woman he loves. He struggles with having it all and really finding his purpose in life, while she is discovering new and exciting (and scary) things about herself.

I recommend this book. It's got a little of that historical romance fiction that so many girls love, but it's free of blatant scenes where you have to skim the pages looking for dialogue just so you can get back to the story.

Check it out and other great stories (that I'm probably going to review at some point) by Jamie Carie.

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