Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not Thursday's Crafting: Homemade (or Semi-Homemade) Christmas Presents: Hot Plates and Coasters

Christmas is seriously DAYS AWAY and some of you are thinking, "Oh Lord! I forgot to get Aunt Margaret something!" I have just the thing for you. A quick trip to Lowe's or Home Depot, $10 (TOPS), and 30 minutes of your time will give you a nice set of coasters and a hot plate for that family member or friend or pastor you forgot to get something for.

I made these a few years ago after seeing them at a wedding shower (hey Nick and Mia!!) and immediately filed that in my "THAT is what I'm going to make for Christmas" folder. I made a coaster with the first initial of every person in the family and then a hot plate with the initial of their last name. This was also the year I paired it with the meat rub I shared with you last time. And I must stay 90 % of the people I gave this gift to use these on a regular basis. Seriously, who doesn't love a great gift you can literally use every day?

Things You Need

  • Small (4 x 4), unsealed tile and/or large (6 x 6) unsealed tile 
  • acrylic paint 
  • paint brushes, stamps, whatever you need to make a pretty design 
  • water proof, spray fixative or varnish 
  • Felt, cork, or rubber pieces with one sticky side (you can find this in the crafting section of Wal-mart) 
  1. Paint the tops of your tiles with whatever design, initials, etc to personalize the coaster or hot plate. Let dry (this should only take a few minutes). 
  2. Lightly spray the top of the painted tile with the spray fixative. Let dry (10-20 minutes) 
  3. Attach a felt, cork, or rubber piece to the back of the tile in each corner. This will help prevent scratching 
  4. Wrap in a pretty bow or use immediately! :) 
That is it! I kid you not, this is SO EASY!!! Again, I have no pictures because this was before I thought to take pictures of the gifts I give. BUT, I am going to attach a few links I found where people did some similar coasters. Enjoy these beautiful works of art! 

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