Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions 2012

So a dear friend of mine does a New Year's Resolution every year, but she starts it on her birthday. She makes a goal for each year of her life. I thought that was such a great idea, but I always forget to do it once it's my birthday, so I decided to kind of split the difference. And then once I made my list, I kept thinking of more things I wanted to accomplish this year. So in the spirit of New Years and in the spirit of working on being a better person next year, I am submitting my list of resolutions. These are not necessarily in any order (except #1), but my goal is to accomplish all of these before the year is up. So...here goes!

New Year's Resolutions for 2012
  1. Do a devotion EVERY DAY
  2. Organize daily schedule
  3. Take a break from Facebook one full day a week
  4. Walk every Wednesday and Friday
  5. Bake bread at least once a week
  6. Go to New Orleans
  7. Go down one dress size
  8. Meatless Mondays
  9. Speak softer to my children
  10. Be more obvious in my love for my husband
  11. Make freezer meals at the beginning of each month
  12. Go to lunch with my mom once a month
  13. Pay off a major debt
  14. Clean/organize the pantry room
  15. Clean/organize the craft room
  16. Have the youth over
  17. Have the college kids over
  18. Make a new friend (not an acquaintance, but a friend) 
  19. Stick to chore schedule 
  20. Stick to reward/consequences chart
  21. Have family worship once a week
  22. Take the kids to volunteer at a homeless shelter
  23. Visit Connie Maxwell
  24. Find a new hobby
  25. Have one sewing project a month
  26. Promote a local business on my blog once a month
  27. Get a family photo done (professionally) 
  28. Go to the dentist
  29. Have a date with the husband once a month
  30. Try a new, exotic food
  31. Have a successful garden 
  32. Read a non-fiction book 
  33. Go to bed with a clean kitchen 
  34. Recycle
What's YOUR resolution(s) this year?

**UPDATE** I have organized my resolutions into different goals: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and miscellaneous. I then put them on a poster board, laminated it, and then hung it some place I could access it if I wanted to check my progress. This actually helps me with goal #2. I hate it at the end of each year when we forget to either stick to our goal or forget what the goal was in the first place. I wanted to make sure I really do work on being a better person this year. Here's hoping you make reachable (or seemingly reachable...see #7 or #13) goals this year and accomplish them!

Here's what I did for those of you who are visual learners:

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