Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Curriculum: Christmas is Here, week 2

Abigail and I are continuing with the Hubbard's Cupboard's lesson on Christmas. I am continuously astounded at how much she remembers. We have to do a bit of catch up because Abigail stays with my parents Sunday night through Tuesday morning, so Tuesday afternoon-ish we have to quickly cover 3 days, and she handles it very well. I just can't believe that we are already finished with our second week of Christmas curriculum and only have 16 more days until Christmas! So here are the pictures of this week's lessons. Enjoy!

Making an angel out of our hands and feet 

Making a whispering tube...

To announce to the world that Jesus is born! 

Coloring and reviewing the birth of Jesus 

Being like the angels and singing "Glory to God!" 

Making sheep as we talk about the shepherds 

Reviewing the Nativity 

She did a GREAT job remembering 

Can't believe we've done so many already! (See last week for an explanation and an up close pic) 

Displaying (from L to R): The angel that told of John the Baptist, the angel that told of Jesus, a picture of our family, a sheep to represent the shepherds, and our Count Down Calendars. 

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