Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Write for Bounty!

As many of you know, I write articles for Bounty Paper Towels. They have a great website full of great cleaning and crafting tips and ideas. Many of the things I write on here I have also written for them as well. Please see the links below to 20 of the articles I have published.

1. How to Clean Bathroom Grout 
2. Make Cork Angels for Your Christmas Tree
3. Mirrored Balls
4. Pom Pom Snowmen 
5. Hand Wreath
6. Play dough Ornaments
7. Paper Sunflowers
8. No Sew Apron
9. Creating a Christmas Tree
10. Make a Fleece Scarf
11. Make a Paper Fireplace with the Kids
12. Thanksgiving Place mats
13. Easy Snowman Craft for Preschoolers
14. Thanksgiving Memory Shirt 
15. Homemade Leaf Coasters
16. Make Football Cupcakes
17. Make Apple Stamps
18. Making Paper Crowns
19. Making Lanterns
20. Ice Cream Cake 

ALSO, if you visit a few of these, I would really, really appreciate the feedback. I'm limited in what I can and cannot say in some of my articles, but I would still like an honest opinion. Please look at a few, and let me know if any of them was interesting to you!

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