Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday's Cleaning: Using Everyday Items around the House, part 4: dryer sheets

It's cleaning day again! As part of my 5 week series of using what you have around the house to clean, as seen on my schedule, we are on week 4...dryer sheets! When I came up with the list of what I wanted to talk about for 5 weeks, dryer sheets was a bit of an afterthought. I had just finished using a dryer sheet for something else besides making my laundry smell springy fresh, so I was a little inspired. I knew of a few things you could use these little friends for, but had no clue of some of the neat tips. I sent a plea out on Facebook asking my friends and family for ideas. Let me tell you, I have some really creative, crafty friends. So here is how I'm going to organize this week's lists of uses: "What I Know", "What My Friends Know", and "What the Web Filled in". (PS: if you shared an idea, check out your shout out on the bottom! Yay for teamwork!)

What I Know

  • Deodorizer: stick that sheet in a trashcan (a tip I learned after having boys...icky boys' bathroom!) or in your shoes (a tip I learned in high school since I suffer from smelly feet syndrome) for a quick freshener.
  • Mosquitoes: Rub your exposed skin, stick a sheet or two in your pockets, or hook on to your belt loop to keep those pesty bugs away. This is a tip I learned from my friend's (hey Kim!) wedding planner. My friend's wedding was outside, and that planner had us set out Bounce at the end of every other row. So cool! 
  • Duster: rub a dryer sheet over the TV, the window blinds, the book case, and the lamps for a quick duster (and much cheaper than buying all those other cleaners). This is great for the kids to do as well. After you use it for your laundry, just stick them in an old wipes container (or whatever you have), and on days you are dusting, have the little ones go around a do a light dusting of everything. 
  • Static remover: I learned this in high school after I had the embarrassment of walking around the halls of my high school and didn't realize my skirt's static had caused my skirt to work it's way up my tights to expose my (then) cutie patootie. :( Just rub a sheet over your clothes, tights, panty hose, etc to keep that static away. 

What My Friends Know
  • Pet dander remover: just rub your little critters (or big if you have one) with a dryer sheet to help remove that pet dander. 
  • Dish cleaner: if you have a pan with burnt food on it or something that is really going to need time to remove that crust, soak the pan with a dryer sheet overnight. It loosens the ick to make cleaning that much easier in the morning (and this wins the award for coolest tip!) 
  • Mattress help: There were two things with this. 1. Place between mattress cover and mattress for a deodorizer AND 2. to keep bugs away. No one wants to think about the little noseeums that are in your bed, so just put a few dryer sheets in your bed and feel better for it. :) 
  • Crazy hair: Rub a sheet on your hair to keep the static away. You know how it is on cool mornings when you put on that nice warm sweater and then have your fashionable look ruined by hair flying everywhere. With a dryer sheet, you can keep those fears away! 
  • Room deodorizer: strap dryer sheets on your ceiling fans for a quick room deodorizer. If you have guests decide to make a stop by your house and you don't have time to light candles or boil some citrus, this would work great, AND when they leave, you can wipe up the dust that collects on the fan! What fun! 

What the Web Filled In
  • Bugs: wet your car and then  scrub those bugs off! Nothing like pulling up in your awesome mommy-mobile (van) and then have bug carcasses all over the front. This, again, could be a great chore for some of your older children to do to earn an allowance. 
  • Sticky residue: Hate it when you take a sticker off your clothes or coffee mug only to have that sticky left behind? Just rub a dryer sheet over it to remove that residue. 
  • Pet fur: have a pet that sheds? Just use a dryer sheet over your furniture and floors to pick up the fur. (You could also strap it on to your Swiffer and get that fur up as well)
  • Wood: use a dryer sheet to wipe up the sawdust that comes from one of your many projects where you are sanding wood. 
  • Thread: Run a threaded needle through a dryer sheet before you begin sewing. It will keep your thread from tangling. (2nd place winner for cool tip!) 
  • Scum: Use a dryer sheet to remove the soap scum in your bathroom. Just wet and rub over the tub, walls, etc. 

I must say, this exceeds my expectations for that dryer sheet. Who knew that little bugger could do so much?! I hope you are inspired to NOT throw away that sheet after you take it out of the dryer. Just have a designated place for the used ones so you can have them ready for a quick cleaning. I really think this is a task I'm going to put Abigail to today! 

Next week's topic: Baking Soda (and this is the last week!) 


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