Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday's Cleaning: Using everyday items around the house, a 5 Week Series

Because we are on such a tight budget, trying to find extra cash to get cleaning supplies can be hard. On top of that, the more I do the research, the more I realize that I'm wasting money on products that have the same ingredients of things I have at home already. So for the next five Wednesdays I am going to focus on one household item that can be used to clean the house. I've already touched on some ways with the post "5 Minutes to a Cleaner Bathroom" and "Air Fresheners". Instead of a topic, such as the ones just mentioned, I'm going to take an ingredient and focus on the multiple purposes of that product.

I would also like your help. I'm going to include the list of what I'm going to cover the next few weeks. If you have a nifty trick, a piece of advice, or some use for that product, please email me your ideas. I will not only share, but give you the credit for the idea. NOTE: if I double the post as an article on the Bounty website, I cannot give you credit there (the only name I can really mention is Bounty), so the credit will only be given here.

1. August 24: Vinegar
2. August 31: Lemons and Oranges
3. September 7: Salt
4. September 14: Dryer Sheets
5. September 21: Baking Soda

I can't wait to hear your ideas and look forward to sharing my and others' ideas with you! Yay for saving money!

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