Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday's Curriculum Review: Creation

So, I know it's been forever since I posted a review on the curriculum. It's not that we don't do it. It's more like I forgot to take pictures (and posts without pictures are boorrriinng) or life just happened and I never got to it. BUT I'm working on this early to get it posted after we finish this week's lesson (tomorrow morning...ish). So here goes....

Since it's just Abigail and me at  home, I have gone back to using the curriculum for 3 year olds. She could handle some of the 4 year old stuff, but some of it was a bit overwhelming...and I still have one more school year to get through with her before she starts school. I am still using the same resource as always, Hubbard's Cupboard. If you would like to read my review on this site, go here. The 3 year old curriculum is meant for 3 days, but could easily made into 4 or 5 days, depending on if you do it all or not.

Here's the little princess ready for this week's activities

This week's lesson was combined with last week's since it was about Creation. Last week, we talked about Creation as a whole, watched a video on Creation, and then began activities for days 1, 2, and 3. Every night at dinner, I had Abi discuss what she learned that day with the rest of the family. It took all week for her to get past the fact that God made more than just a rainbow. She was really stuck on that. :)

Here's a few pics on activities with days 1-3:

1. Day 2: God Created the Sky and Sea....so, we made the ocean.

2. See how it works?

3. On the 3rd Day, God made the land, trees, grass, and flowers. Getting the glue ready to add dirt...

4. And we have land! (she didn't like the dirt part too much)

5. Then we made the trees, grass, and flowers:

6. Final product of 3rd day:

Here we go on week 2 with days 4-7 of creation: 

7. On the 4th day, he made the sun, moon, and stars...here we glitter!!!

8. On the 5th day, God made animals that fly and swim. So we decided what would be good examples of each:

9. Check out my craftiness! Here are some birds and fish!

10. Final product of day 5

12. On the 6th day, God beasts of the land and MAN! Yay! So, we tried our hand at molding...

12. On the 7th day, God was finished....

13. ...and he rested.

14. A review game of all the days:

15. She had to put them in order (she did pretty well, actually!)

16. And Ta-Dah! We are done with this week! Yay!

Next week won't be as much content, but it was important to cover all of these as quickly as possible and still be good. Next week's curriculum: The Fall of Man (time to buy some apples!) 

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