Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday's Cleaning: My "School" Schedule

I asked around about what people wanted to know about cleaning. I got some great ideas, but one that stuck out was from a brand new SAHM (former teacher now staying at home). She was concerned about establishing a schedule. So I'm going to share the resources I use, provide a picture of my schedule, and include a little explanation. I am going to modify this schedule for this school year since I now have 2, yes, I said 2, kids in school. I hope this helps!

I found some great resources immediately when I started staying at home. Since then I have found a few other that I'm adding to my life little bits at time. Here are some that I use:
1. JustMommies Great, great resource! They gave me some great ideas, such as a cleaning calendar (complete with reminding me to change my air filter and wash out my trash can).
2. A Virtuous Woman  I will never have enough good things to say about this resource. This website has given me devotions, a network of other mothers/women, recipes, teaching tools, and how to keep my house and home. She is currently doing a 15 Week devotion that is about making your house a calm, inviting, clean place. It's call From Chaos to Calm. I did it at the beginning of this year, and it was life-changing. I totally recommend it. The link I attached was directly to the page that includes schedules (that you will see in the pictures) and how to plan for your home.
3. I'm An Organizing Junkie I get a daily (mostly) email from this blog. She gives me some great ideas on how to organize my home. I have tweaked some of what she has shared and have shared them on here (last's week's cleaning post, for example).

Last School Year's Schedule
Note, I say "Last School Year's"? That's right. Just like teaching, we moms learn to monitor and adjust. I may not volunteer at my sons' school this year the same days/times. Although most of my workout schedule will stay the same, my increased involvement with the youth and college kids at the church may cause me to change my schedule just a bit. A few things I find important to keep in my schedule, no matter what: daily conversation/devotion/journaling with God, exercise, cleaning, cooking, and education for Abigail.

Fine print: 6 am: Get dressed, start breakfast, get J seated and eating (this is pretty much the same every day) 

Fine print: 8 am Bible study is for the kids; 6 pm: Tues is normally soccer/baseball/football practice time  and we normally do a light dinner since Joe takes the kid at practice some place to eat, just the two of them. Tuesdays are normally pretty busy, so I get in only light cleaning around 230 or so. 

Fine Print: Wednesdays I catch up the cleaning with vacuuming, dusting, polishing, wiping down/changing air filters, and washing the windows. 

Fine Print: Thursdays I try to do laundry in the morning and prepare bread (that will cook after I pick up the kids in the afternoon)  
Fine Print: Fridays are normally the days I really, really, really attack the bedrooms. This the day I change the sheets (every other week, unless needed earlier), refold laundry that I might have shoved into the drawers earlier in the week, and declutter the room...which seems to happen pretty often. Friday evenings are usually our family night, so it's normally up in the air about what we do once Joe gets home.

So I hope this helps. Again, find the schedule that works best for you. For those of you who have it pretty much down, what do you recommend? How do YOU do it? Any particular days you clean certain parts of your house? How about websites and blogs you use to help you stay organized? Please share! 

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