Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's Crafting: Noah and his Boat (A cool science lesson as well!)

Boats and Weights 

This week's curriculum is about Obedience and features the story of Noah. More details on the lesson will come tomorrow, but this week's craft was all about learning how to make judgments and predictions. So in order to connect the craft with the story, we made an "ark" and placed toy animals in it. We made predictions on how many animals it would take before the boat would sink. We also talked about the size of the boat in correlation to the size of the animals and how big the ark had to be. It was a great lesson and really easy to put together. 

Making the Ark: 

Items you need: 
1. OJ or milk container. Size does not matter. 
2. Scissors
3. Waterproof toy animals 
4. Optional: bath dye 

1. Rinse out the OJ or milk container
2. Turning it on the side, cut out one side of the container. It is easier if you punch a hole in the center of the side you are cutting out and then work from there. 

3. Fill the bathtub halfway with cold water. Option: place dye in the pool. Not only does this add a "cool" factor, but the kids can see the level of the water easier as the boat begins to go deeper in the water (or sink). 
4. Have children predict how many animals will fit in their boats. Do trial and error. Discuss the size of the boat versus the size of the animals. How can you get more animals on the boat? If you put the animals on one side of the boat, what happens? How do you make it even? 




My kids absolutely loved this and I even got a "Hey, mom, that was a lot of fun!" comment at lunch later. 

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