Thursday, June 2, 2011

Establishing Order

This week's lesson (which I will do a separate post later this week) includes the character trait of "Orderly". Since J is home during the summer, and I have been trying numerous things to get the kids motivated to be respectful, be responsible, and ready to learn (thank you, Flowertown Elementary for this!). I have established two new things in our household. The kids have really embraced both of these, and my household is better for it.

1. Chore Chart:

Kids love games. And kids love rewards. AND my house needs to stay clean. My children are old enough to be doing chores and have basic responsibilities, so I established a chore chart that is almost a game. They have basic responsibilities every day (Make bed, put on clothes, and brush teeth). After breakfast I give a list of chores that need to be done that day (wash windows, clean base boards, wipe walls, dust, clean back yard, clean bathroom, etc). They can choose one. If they do any extra, they get an extra "point", but they are only responsible for one. If they do a chore every day, they get to choose a reward. It has been working really well this week. Hopefully this will help establish a good routine.

The rewards are:
1. Choose movie (we normally watch one Friday nights)
2. Decide Saturday's dinner
3. Pick dessert (to be served the next week)
4. Plan family activity (go to the park, movies, go canoeing, etc)
5. Receive allowance
6. Choose 1 thing at the Dollar Store
7. __________ (they can suggest something...and it can be negotiable)

2. Discipline chart (Prayer/Praise Chart)
My children have all been having difficulties lately following directions and being respectful. I'm about at my wit's end trying to discipline them. I've decided to explain to them that we need to pray for good behavior and then praise God for when we have followed directions. If they fail follow directions or I have told them countless times to do or not do something, it goes on the "prayer" side. That evening during the family worship time, we discuss all the prayers and pray about them for the next day. They also put additional prayer requests on there as well. If they followed directions or did something extraordinary or FINALLY did something they have failed to do, it goes on the "praise" side.

This has helped in more ways than I ever thought. Each child gets a different colored sticky note. It helps them to visualize what they have done during the day. It is also helpful for me. If I see more stuff on the "prayer" side, I work harder to praise them for good behavior. It is so easy for me to constantly complain about their behavior. I don't want to be that type of mother. I want them to know I will be proud of them for ALL accomplishments, big and little. When they see one of their siblings getting a "praise" note, they are then spurred to do well. I have really loved doing this with them, and it has helped all our prayer lives.

     Sorry about the "naked" detail, but that has been problem. For some reason the boys like to get naked and then dance in front of the open front door. SO not cool, dudes!

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