Monday, June 20, 2011

Friday's Curriculum Review (belated post): Being Teachable; Hebrews 12:11

This week's lesson was perfect for what is going on in my house lately. Jed seems to just forget everything I've taught him, and is totally jumping off...well, EVERYTHING...and he's driving me CRAZY! So when this week's character trait, Teachable, came up, I told him God brought this message just for him! We all, though, learned some good stuff.

On a brief other note, this week was a BUSY week. We had VBS, so most of what I normally do had to sit on the back burner, including cleaning. It was also J's birthday Friday. Luckily I didn't have to really plan a party this year since we decided to do it some place else. So I was being Teachable by learning that I need to put priorities in the right place. 

The Bible story:
The Bible story that went along with this week's lesson was "David's response to Nathan" 2 Samuel 12: 1-13. I initially thought this was a tough story to try to relate to my 6, 5, and 2.5 year olds, but they seemed to understand pretty decently. They understood that although David was truly sorry for his actions, he still had to suffer the consequences. Luckily, though, God recognized David's heart as being truly repentant (TEACHABLE), and instead of death, decided to punish David in other ways. David learned his lesson and is still known today as the Man After God's Own Heart.

Here's a great example of me teaching the kids about being Teachable. 10 years ago on this exact spot, I was cheating at putt-putt by running after the ball to stop it. I twisted my ankle and ruined a fun night by spraining it. So....I was telling them how I am still being Teachable. I will not run on a putt putt course again...oh yeah, and cheating HURTS!

This week's letter is "P", which will then be used to combine with the first week's letter "A" to make the family words "-ap". The sight words for this week are "me" and "the". We practiced writing those words while focusing on the camping theme (The bird sees me). We also did "Push up" to focus on our "p" words. What I love about this program is that the letters aren't in order alphabetically; they are in order of how they work together with other letters. SMART! See? I never would have thought of that myself! They also have to cut out the letters and paste them on a sheet to practice spelling and writing.

If you read my Thursday post, you will see that we made binoculars and a compass to help with the camping theme, and they camped out Friday night. So, it was a good week. Busy, but good.

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