Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Schedule 2012

Wow! This year has surely flown by! As our summer break begins, I am faced with moving from mommy-running-all-over-town-around-school-schedule to Teacher Mommy. In the past I have done Alphabet Days and Hubbard's Cupboard, but this summer I'm going to give 2 Teaching Mommies a chance. I have been dabbling a little with their website during this past school year to see if it is something I could adjust for my 7, 6, and 3 year old children (see here, here, and here). I feel confident this summer will a fun one.

Below you will find my basic Summer Schedule and this summer's Curriculum Guide. My GOAL for this summer is to blog on Fridays what we did the previous week (because the current week won't be over yet). For those of you who are local (Charleston, SC area), I will also be adding the "field trips" I will be doing with the kids. We will not be going every week (and some of the field trips may be a stretch to fit into the themes), but I don't want to keep my kids cooped up all summer in my house. We will be going to Breakfast Club every other Friday morning still, so the field trips may or may not be on the same day...I'm still working out the kinks in those plans. :)  Please feel free to comment and/or add suggestions.

Weirdest Photo Credit I think I have ever given 

Daily Summer Schedule (all subject to change)

  • 7-8 am: Quiet time, personal Bible study 
  • 8-9 am: Breakfast, group Bible study
  • 9-10 chores (see here , here, and, the new chore chart: here
  • 10-12: Free Time/Activity Time (see below)/Theme Activity/Blog Time
  • 12-1: Lunch
  • 1-3: FOB time/mommy exercise/Blog Time (if previous time does not happen) 
  • 3-5: Free Time/Dinner prep
  • 5-7: Dinner
  • 7-8: Family Time 
Weekly Summer Schedule (all subject to change)
  • Monday: Yardwork Day, Introduce the Week's lesson and Bible Verse
  • Tuesday: Technology Day (play educational games on the computer), Review Bible verse and theme activity
  • Wednesday: Water Day (pool, sprinkler, etc), Theme activity
  • Thursday: Craft Day/Cooking lesson, Bible verse review and theme activity 
  • Friday: Field Trip/Breakfast Club (below noted as BC) 
2012 Summer Curriculum Guide
  • June 4-8: BC "Rain
  • June 11-15: "Camping"...Field Trip: J's Birthday Party...camp theme
  • June 18-22: BC "Summer"...Field Trip: Cypress Garden 
  • June 25-29: "Pirates"...Field Trip: Children's Museum...(they have a ship)
  • July 2-6: BC "4th of July"....Field Trip: pretty obvious
  • July 9-13: "Ice Cream"....Field Trip: Ice Cream Shop
  • July 16-20: BC "The Ocean"...Field Trip: The Beach 
  • July 23-27: "Rain Forest" (VBS and Cub Scout Pack Camping Trip)
  • July30-Aug 3: BC "Dragons
  • Aug 6-10: "School"
  • Aug 13-17: NO ACTIVITIES...preparing for school next week 
SO excited to see how much my children learn and grow this summer. May your summer be full of FUN as well! 

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