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Curriculum: Holy Week (Easter) Activities

I'm a teacher. I plan things. And ever since I became a SAHM, I have been able to use my 10 years of experience to supplement my children's education at home. So when a big holiday comes around, it's no wonder I get into "teacher-mode" and begin planning. Last year, my first Easter not teaching, I started kind of planning a Holy Week Activity Week. At the time, I realized that what I was doing was fine, but I knew that future Easters were going to be different, more detailed, and with more specific activities.

So starting about a month ago, I started researching different activities, traditions (Christian and Jewish), and recipes. Then about two weeks ago, I sat down with a bunch of printer paper and began making my curriculum guide (or pacing guide). All you teachers out there know exactly what I'm talking about, right? That BIG OL' document that pretty much sets up an entire unit. I have printed it and put it in a nice little folder, and will be doing the same for some members of my church family, and also some close friends. I want to share the basics with all of you. The copies I am making has a printout of all the activities, recipes, and songs, but if you are making your own, I am providing a copy of the resources I used so you could also make your own notebook.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of the pages:
I turned the picture here so you wouldn't have to turn your head to read what was in the folder. :) 

Here's a copy of the Intro I put in the booklet:

This Holy Week Activity Booklet is a resource for you, your family, and your church family  to use to help children get a better understanding of why we celebrate Easter. Each day takes a step closer to Jesus’s death and resurrection through activities, lessons, and food. You do not have to do every activity in the booklet, and most of the activities can be adjusted for different ages. Please utilize the resources at the end of the booklet for more information or a deeper explanation.

The Setup

The first three pages are an overview of the lessons available. Each day has at least one set of scripture, at least one activity, but not all days have a recipe. Some days have a recipe preparation for food to be enjoyed later in the week.

After the overview pages, the booklet is then separated into each day of Holy Week. There will be a printout of worksheets, activities, recipes, etc you are welcome to use. Again, use the resources if you would like to make more copies or get more details.

NOTE: If there is more than one set of scripture on the first overview page, the activities and recipes on the following pages have the same number. For example, Wednesday has 3 different scripture options. So if you decide you want to cover The Passover and The Lord’s Supper (scripture #2), then on the activity and recipe pages, the activities to match that scripture will be #2. This gives you the option to do more than one scripture, or save a set of scripture for another year or when you feel your child is ready for that section.

So that's pretty much it. Check out the documents below for details. I would also recommend you laminate the games and activities so they will last and visit the resources. There really is a lot of stuff you can do for Holy Week that will teach your children the true meaning behind this incredible week!

May God Bless you and your family as you go through this Booklet and especially through this season. What a wonderful God we serve!

Holy Week Activities

UPDATE: I have never posted a PDF file on my page, and am still trying to figure it out. My AWESOME friend, Kristin, over at Kinder Words, helped me out. If it still doesn't work, and if you would like the Holy Week Booklet, please email me at: janasjustmakinit@gmail.com

I will be sure to get you the files. Thanks a bunch, yall!  

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  1. A friend of mine just sent me a fabulous link for Holy Week activities. Check it out! I will most likely print these ideas and place in my personal copy of the Holy Week Booklet! http://beinglds.blogspot.com/2011/04/he-took-our-sins-upon-him.html