Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday's Reviews: February's NYR Progress

Oh. Ugh. That's right. I am supposed to give an update on my New Year's Resolutions. January was a good kick off. I did decently, but promised to do better in February. And I did! ...at first. Then life happened. I am actually really glad I have decided to review these every month. It helps me make each NYR a NMR (New MONTH Resolution). I assess how well I've done, I see where I have slacked off, and then make a promise to work really hard for the next month to do better.

So below is the list of my NYR (see link above for the original post). See how well, or not so well, I've done.

  1. Do a devotion EVERY DAY. I've actually done a pretty decent job with this one. Thanks to the help of my app YouVersion Bible, I have 3 devotions that get sent to my phone and email each day, on top of what I already do. Some days I do more than one, some days I get just one in. 
  2. Organize daily schedule. Eh. The last two weeks, I was ON IT!! Before that? Not so much
  3. Take a break from Facebook one full day a week. I have done this EVERY Sunday! Yay! 
  4. Walk every Wednesday and Friday. Ok, if I didn't walk, I DID do SOME exercise. So this is almost marked off. 
  5. Bake bread at least once a week. Although I did not always make the bread I set out to do each week, I did make some. 
  6. Go to New Orleans. In the plans, money is being saved! Yay! 
  7. Go down one dress size. No. And it's getting really frustrating. 
  8. Meatless Mondays. Every Monday! It has been fun introducing new ideas to the family! 
  9. Speak softer to my children. Funny. As I was typing for Meatless Monday, I stopped to yell at my kids. Ugh. Still working on this! 
  10. Be more obvious in my love for my husband. I think so. I think I've done a pretty good job at this! 
  11. Make freezer meals at the beginning of each month. STILL not yet. 
  12. Go to lunch with my mom once a month. This month's lunch date got cancelled due to a flat tire. Can't blame ME for that, can you? 
  13. Pay off a major debt. NO comment 
  14. Clean/organize the pantry room. This is almost a daily task. 
  15. Clean/organize the craft room.  I actually could make it to my Ab Roller machine, or whatever it's called 
  16. Have the youth over Well, sort of. I had a party for the youth, but only 1 could make it. So...April? 
  17. Have the college kids over. Planning something for March. 
  18. Make a new friend (not an acquaintance, but a friend) I am definitely making acquaintances more important. 
  19. Stick to chore schedule. Eh. doing okay with this. Some days we miss, so we double (or triple) the next day. 
  20. Stick to reward/consequences chart. Nope. And I'm not happy about this. 
  21. Have family worship once a week. We did it one Friday. All the rest of the Fridays have been busy for some reason. I will make it a priority this month. 
  22. Take the kids to volunteer at a homeless shelter
  23. Visit Connie Maxwell
  24. Find a new hobby. I've narrowed the possibilities down (painting or relearning sign language or French) 
  25. Have one sewing project a month. I never made it to upholstering the kitchen chairs like I wanted, but I got the stuff to make mine and Abi's Easter dresses 
  26. Promote a local business on my blog once a month. Done! See here
  27. Get a family photo done (professionally). Found a Groupon for this!! 
  28. Go to the dentist
  29. Have a date with the husband once a month. :) He is super excited about these. 
  30. Try a new, exotic food
  31. Have a successful garden I pulled, cleaned and bagged 8 quarts of collards! 
  32. Read a non-fiction book 
  33. Go to bed with a clean kitchen More days than not, this has happened! 
  34. Recycle Every Thursday. 

So as I review these each month, I hope this inspires you to review what your Resolutions where. How have you been doing? What is keeping you from meeting your goal? Each month is a new month to try again. 

Happy Friday, everyone! 

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