Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Review: Local Business: Time Well Spent

As I drive up to the quaint little yellow house that is tucked neatly under beautiful oak trees just off a busy cut through road, the excitement rises as I am going to share a special lunch with my special little girl. It's just the two of us today, and I wanted to take her some place just for girls.

Time Well Spent is a little tea room that is in the heart of my little town of Summerville, SC. In the past 15 years or so, I have been to three bridal brunches and countless lunches here, and I love it. When you walk in, you are surrounded by countless beautiful treasures that make great gifts for mom, mother-in-law, little girls, brides, or a special friend. There are tea sets of every size and type, lavendar scented pillows, little figurines of fairies, aprons with pearls sewn on them, earrings, and so on. Off to the side is a large room where guests can sit if the regular dining area is full or it's where you can have private parties. This room is where all the bridal brunches have been for the ones I've been to. If you continue to walk through a small hallway, it opens up to a quaint eating area complete with a fireplace, tea sets, and mix-matched chairs and tables. If the weather is cooperating, there is also seating outside in a beautiful garden surrounded by the azaleas Summerville is known for. When you walk to the back of the house, there are two little rooms full of little surprises. One room has a small table and then vanities along the walls full of costume jewelry that reminds me of my grandmother. The other room is overflowing with dresses of all shapes, sizes, and styles. These two rooms are specially for little girls to come, play dress up, and have a little tea party with their friends.

As for lunch, Time Well Spent, they are known for their Chicken Salad. It is seriously good. Besides the Chicken Salad, they have a rotating list of quiches and salads, most coming with a side of fruit, and all have a side of a popover and homemade strawberry butter. For my daughter, they have a plate of peanut butter and chocolate sandwich, goldfish, fruit, and pink lemonade served in a tiny tea cup and tea pot. They brew their own tea right there with a variety of special teas that can be taken hot or cold.

On the day Abigail and I decided to eat lunch there, it was raining outside, but insides was the quiet sounds of conversations punctuated with the occasional sound of tea cups being placed on plates. Abigail and I enjoyed our lunch and conversation very much and look forward to coming back soon.

If you are in the Summerville area any time soon, make sure to stop by Time Well Spent, it will truly be, well, time well spent.

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