Friday, June 1, 2012

2012-2013 Chore Chart for the Kids

Last summer I created a chore chart for my kids to follow. I set it up like a game. It was fun, and worked decently well for my kids, but now they are getting older, and I need to rearrange what we are doing. So I've taken the chores they already do and added a few more responsibilities (that I have been slowly training them to do the past few months). I also rearranged the rewards they get at the end of the week. They will now get points for each chore and the rewards are arranged by amount of points. We sat down at the breakfast table and organized the whole thing. I must say I am impressed with them! They really (verbally) stepped it up and seem excited to start next week. Below you will find their chores (the number next to them indicate how many days a week it needs to be done), the rules about the points, and the awards. Previously, they were assigned certain chores per day, but this time they can choose any chore that hasn't already been claimed for that day. This gives them more freedom and hopefully will instill in them a sense of ownership and responsibility.


  • Clean bathroom (2)
  • Wash windows (2)
  • Dusting and cleaning baseboards (2)
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Fold and put away towels
  • Clean outside toys and sweep patio
  • Wipe kitchen chairs and tables (2)
  • Clean cabinet fronts in kitchen and bathroom (2)
  • Sweep kitchen (2)
  • Help take out trash
  • Bring in trash can
  • Bring in recycling bin
  • Load dishes in dishwasher (2)
  • Make up bed (5)
  • Put away toys (5) 
  • Get 1 point for doing the chore
  • Get an extra point for doing the chore without being reminded
  • You MUST make up the bed and put away toys EVERY DAY
  • You must get a minimum of 3 points per day (Make up bed, put away toys, and another chore)
  • You can get two points for each chore done on a Saturday or Sunday, but those points will carry into the next week
Awards per week: (can only choose 1 award per week) 

15 points (required): 
  • $1.50
  • Trip to the Library
  • A piece of candy (or candy bar) 
16-20 points: 
  • $3
  • Choose a movie for family night (generally Friday nights) 
  • Pick a toy from the Dollar store
  • Choose Saturday's dinner
  • Pick a dessert for any day the following week
21-25 points: 
  • $5 
  • Choose a board game
  • Pick dinner AND dessert for any day next week
26-30 points: 
  • $8
  • Trip to Ever So Sweet or Rita's Italian Ice 
  • Activity with just you and a parent (daddy or mommy date) 
31 or more points: 
  • $10 
  • Family Field Trip
  • Spend the night with a friend (or have friend spend the night with us)
  • 1 Week break from chores the next week 
On the left, I have the list of chores and an extra space to check off if they did the chore without being told. Next to their names I have a box to put their totals. On the far right I have a box to check if the chore has been completed for the week. The two yellow cards at the top list the rules of the chores and how to get points and the rewards they can get (see list above). My kids were so excited to check off the lists, they all got 8 points on the first day!! They are on their way to the 31 points! :) 

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