Thursday, May 5, 2011

Daily lessons with the kids at home

Since I reviewed Hubbards Cupboard last week, I wanted to give an example of what we have done this week through this resource. This week's theme is "Zero Means None At All". We use Psalm 51 (yet ANOTHER incredible Psalm!!) as a base for what we are covering this week. Yesterday we read Psalm 51 and memorized (with homemade hand motions) John 3:16. We talked about how Jesus wipes away ALL our sins. Today, we worked on the letter "Z" and then made a craft to reflect how Jesus blocks all of our sins. Tomorrow we will review and then do a few activities involving zippers and zig-zags.

Here is one of the crafts:
Step 1: Make our own water color paint

 Step 2: While making the paint, have them color inside a circle. Mine didn't do that great of a job, but you get the point.
Step 3: Have them paint over their paper with black (our sins) and red (Jesus's blood). The crayon will resist the paint (or it should, I think my recipe was a bit strong or they just didn't color well enough) 

Step 4: While the papers are drying, have them work on identifying words based on what letter they begin with. If it starts with a "Z" it goes on the left, otherwise, the picture goes on the right. 

Step 5: Display artwork (this is perfect for us to review with Daddy during dinner time)

 Here is an up close picture of the final product.


  1. Great teaching lesson & aides!

  2. Great job!! Hands on is so important, isn't it?!!