Monday, November 5, 2012

Devotion: How I Treat My Employees

"Masters, give what is good and fair to your slaves. Remember that you have a Master in heaven." Colossians 4:1

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I tallied up the points on my children's chore chart for another week. With a sigh, I realized that I let two days go by without documenting the chores my kids did. I had to think back to earlier in the week, trying to remember who cleaned the bathroom and who dusted the baseboards. It just seemed that my days were filling so many activities, that I was having a hard time keeping up, and the temptation to just not document their chores...and hope they forget to get their rewards...was strong. But the words to today's scripture verse, Colossians 4:1, rang true in my heart. You can easily replace "Master" with employer, teacher, supervisor and "slaves" with employees or students, and it have the exact same meaning, just as I replaced it with "Parents" and "children".

As a parent, when I was a working parent, and now as I am a stay-at-home parent {or home manager...as I like to think of myself}, I have the responsibility to foster a positive environment with my kids. Each member of the family has a responsibility. Each person is expected to pull his or her weight to ensure the home functions well. Everyone has chores. Everyone has expectations. I am expected to make sure the family gets fed three healthy meals a day, to monitor the cleanliness and upkeep of the home, and to manage the family calendar. My husband's responsibility is to lead the family in spiritual development, to provide a good example to my boys on how to be a good daddy and to show my daughter the type of Godly man she should marry...all the while working to provide for our family. And each child is required to do their best always, do homework and chores before play, and to strengthen their minds and bodies with fellowship and playtime with each other and those around them. We each have our part.

So our verse for today says two things:

1. I am to be a good and fair manager to my children.
- I need to treat them all equally, making sure that they are working up to their potential and to encourage them when they get discouraged.

2. Remember that God is my Master
- What a reminder this is. This is another example of "treat others as you would be treated." I would never want the Lord to be a task master, constantly on my back, never encouraging me. HE sets the example that I am to pass on to my children.
-Ways my Master is a great "employer":

  • He gives me tasks He knows I can complete, even if it seems hard at first
  • He sees my strengths and encourages me to focus my energy on those strengths
  • He encourages me when things get tough. 
  • He disciplines me when I get lazy...and the discipline is never over-excessive 
  • He is patient with me when I do not get the job right the first time
  • He is fair in his rewards
  • He treats me equally to others
  • He understands when I need a break 
  • He genuinely cares for about my well-being
So as I look at how my Father treats me, as a worker for Christ, I must pass that on to those God has given me to manage. How about you? At work, do you have employees you are in charge of? How do you treat them? Do you give them the same grace, mercy, and encouragement the Lord gives you? How about with your children? As a believer, do you encourage others, including non-believers, as they work? 

Look at the list of ways God manages you, and pass that on to those you manage. I surely will be printing this list and posting it somewhere for me to remember when I get frustrated with my kids. 

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