Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cleaning: Make Your Own...Hair Detangler

It's been a while since I've dried to Make my Own something. I really wasn't in desperate need for anything. I did have to refill my MYO Dishwashing Detergent and Laundry Detergent on the same day, recently, but that is about it. Until about a week ago. My precious (princess) daughter and I got into it when I tried to comb out her long, luscious, golden locks after getting out of the bath. That girl would rather run around with major tangles in her hair than have me try to get them out. So I needed a detangler, and since it was on my list of Make Your Own items, I pulled out my camera, dug out some bottles I had been saving for such a time as this, and got to work.

It was EASY! And it works, too! I did a little research and they all said about the same (water, conditioner, and shake!). I added just a little bit more to mine, put it in a bottle I hadn't seen in my research, and I have myself (I mean, my daughter) a nice, inexpensive bottle of hair detangler that is going to last us a while.

What You'll Need:

  • Water
  • 1-2 Tbsp hair conditioner 
  • 1 Tbsp anti-frizz conditioner (if your conditioner does this anti-frizz thing, then all you need is the conditioner. Mine doesn't...so there you have it) 
  • Container with a pump (I used an old dish detergent foaming bottle and pump...on purpose...I like foam) 

  1. Make sure your container is completely clean and dry. No use in having dish detergent in your bottle of detangler. I ran mine through the dish washer cycle twice and then let it dry completely. 
  2. Add the conditioner and anti-frizz conditioner to the bottle. 
  3. Sloooowly add water. If you do it too quickly, the conditioners will bubble up. And you don't want bubbles just yet. 
  4. Put on the lid tightly and gently shake to mix the ingredients together. They will separate at some point, so don't freak if it doesn't mix completely. 
And you are ready to go! 

My review
It doesn't foam all that well. but it works great! I give mine a little shake before I use it to make sure there's some conditioner going in the hair. And I haven't heard any complaints yet. :) 

This is the bottle I use. See how it separates? Also, label. My husband thought it was hand soap and almost freaked when he saw me put it in her hair. :) 

And we have long, luscious, golden, happy locks again! 

See? All smiles. No tears. (Please note that she dressed herself and her shirt is on inside out) 

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  1. UPDATE!! (and this was a quick one!) A friend of mine suggested the following:

    "To get your detangler to foam, add coconut milk to it. One tablespoon should do it. also, if you don't have antifriz conditioner, add one teaspoon of vitamine E or any carrier oil instead. Works fabulous. Shake before using so that it mixes in the separated coconut milk."

    So there you have it. I love some foam, so I will be sure to get this in my bottle!