Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday's Cleaning: Things you Forget to Clean, part 2

Okay, so this one is late, but I really was trying a good amount of stuff to write about. Last time I had so much information, I had to be picky about what I wanted to post. This time, I'm pretty much going to list everything I found. Thanks to all who gave ideas on FB, your names are below! :)

This week I wanted to focus on the bedroom, laundry room, and garage. There were a couple of repeats (as you will see below), but for the most part, these rooms didn't have a lot of resources to pull from out there in the internet world! So this is what I have:


  • Curtains: I always seem to forget to wash these. And I know growing up, those curtains didn't get washed that much either. I think it's just one of those things you forget to take down and clean. 
  • Night Stand: If you are like me, your night stand can occasionally get piled up with this and that. And dust. About once a month I realize that I have put on there earrings and hair clips that I forgot were on until I was lying down. I also see the massive amount of dust that accumulates behind my alarm clock. This seriously is a place I forget to clean. 
  • Closet
    • Organize your shoes. Throw out or donate the ones that have been pushed to the back. Set aside the ones that need repair. Put away the ones that are out of season. This was actually a goal of mine this year. I'm a stickler for most shoe etiquette rules that apply to church. So my closed toe shoes are normally reserved for after Labor Day and before Easter. 
    • Organize clothes. Occasionally clothes fall off hangers; sometimes you hold on to that dress just a little too long; and once in a while, you need to see if the clothes you have hanging up are being used anymore. Pack away, donate, or put in it's place in your closet. 
    • Floor: Pull everything out and vacuum the floor. When we moved, that was something I realized I had never done. And that floor does need it too. If you keep a really clean closet, this won't be that hard, but if you are like the rest of America, this may be something  you need to put on your calendars to do once every other month. 
  • Baseboards and Moldings: Just like the other rooms talked about last time, these areas tend to be forgotten until you rearrange the furniture and realize that you haven't vacuumed under the bed or really the entire baseboards in a while. 
  • Air Vents: Just like last time, you need to make sure you take the extension hose on your vacuum cleaner and get the vents in your room. 

Laundry Room
  • Washing Machine: Run a load, without clothes, with a cup of vinegar. I'm seeing these commercials for washing machine and dryer cleaners. Uh...just do it yourself and don't pay the big bucks for some commercial product. 
  • Dryer: Lint trap. About every 3 loads or so, I forget to clean it out. My dryer is old (almost 30 years old) and I just don't want it to one day catch on fire because I didn't clean out the lint trap. Also, make sure you do an occasional wet, soapy rag wash to the inside of the dryer as well. 
  • Floors: Sweep, vacuum, and dust behind and under all those appliances. My laundry room doubles as a pantry and storage as well, so I have a ton of stuff that constantly needs organizing and dusting. About once a month, move the appliances and such and get a good clean out from under all the stuff. 

  • Tools: It's good to remember to check your tools. Did you clean them last time after you worked on the car? Are all the pieces in the right place? Does your drill's battery need charging? Do an occasional sweep through your tools to check them out. 
  • Floor: Check under your car. Do you have a grease stain? A little saw dust or cat litter will clean it up. Research also said to sprinkle laundry detergent on it, let it sit for at least 45 minutes, pour boiling water to wash it off, and then scrub with a rough broom. 
  • Shelves: Just like the inside of the house, the outside also gets dust. Take time to organize your shelves by removing everything, giving the shelves and items a good dusting, and then replace them all in an orderly fashion. 
  • Vehicles: While cleaning the garage, you may also be tackling the car as well. Make sure check under the seats, clean out the little cubby holes or trays on the doors, and check the glove compartment. Make sure everything is cleaned and in it's place. I know, for a fact, that a certain male in my family has a bag of pop tarts sitting in his car that has been there...really I have no clue how long, but they are nestled under about 3 pounds of papers that have been shoved in there. It's a good reminder to occasionally get these areas as well. 
So that's about it. It's a little longer list than I originally thought! It's a great start on making sure you and your family are living in a clean and healthy environment. 

Next week I'll be starting a new series on Deep Cleaning. I will take a few weeks to focus on different rooms and areas in the house. Stay tuned, and as always, please contribute your ideas and tips! 


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