Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: Twins

When I was a little girl, I dreamed about the future children I would one day have. I wrote down so many names of what I wanted to call my children. I debated which would be best to have first: a boy or a girl. I later decided girls were too much trouble and decided to not have any (funny how GOD'S plan was so much better than mine!) One of the things I always wanted to have was twins. I have always had such a great bond with my sisters, but having a twin seemed like something that was so incredible. I was fascinated by the twins I knew. Some looked and acted EXACTLY the same, others not. I always wanted to take my twins to the big twin conference in Ohio every year. I wanted to have twins SO BAD.

But God had other plans. Although I like to think of myself as honorary mother of twins (since I had two babies in one year) and many of the moms who have twins know I have SOME idea what it's like to have multiple little ones, I just don't quite fit the bill. After all my years of wanting to have twins, when I had my set of Irish twins, I was grateful that was a prayer that did not get answered with a "yes!" I have had the pleasure of having so many friends who have had twins, though, that I feel that God is fulfilling my wish on a small level. I love the twins I know! They are all so different and all so wonderful! The funny thing is that in this world of parents using treatments to get pregnant, most of the twins I know came the old fashioned way...genetics. I also have pretty much all the combination of twins one can have: twin boys (Titus and Jayden), two sets of twin girls (Evelyn and Naomi AND Maezy and Roxanne), and a set of boy and girl (Jack and Lily). As much as it is hard to tell some of them apart, I have found how different they all really are. What I also find so fascinating is how some of them even still fall into the personalities of birth order. Despite the fact they are generally only moments apart, my twin moms tell me how one clearly fits into a category the other doesn't. Funny how that works, huh?

So, my final opinion about twins? They are still the coolest thing since sliced bread...or sinful fudge. Love on your local twins. And don't forget to love on their mamas. Those ladies are something special, and God must have thought so as well to bless them twice all at once!

Some of the twins I know and love:               Jayden and Titus

Evelyn and Naomi 

Maezy, (Raegan, not a twin), and Roxanne

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