Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Makin' It INTRO

I struggled for a while on whether or not to start a blog. It seems EVERYONE I know has a blog. And if you know me well, I generally DON'T do things that everyone else does. Maybe it's my desire to be original. Maybe  it's my desire to just be different. Maybe I just don't want to fail at something that so many people do so well. Either way, as I was mowing the lawn this morning in my bathing suit while fighting off my Jack Russel and monitoring my two children as they swing dangerously in the hammock, I realized that maybe something I had to say would echo the thoughts of some other mother somewhere else out there in this crazy world.

I struggled with what to blog about. I cook moderately well; I sew decently enough that I allow my daughter to walk in public with what I've made and enough that I offer homemade gifts for birthdays or other special occasions; I create parties that people talk about and even look forward to; and I organize my house enough that I am actually proud of what I've done. Taking all those things into consideration, I realized that I do the best I can at everything. That doesn't mean that I'm an expert at everything I do, but sure give it a shot, just like so many other moms (working or stay at home). So, I titled my blog "Just Makin' It". I will focus on whatever is going on each week. Some weeks I'm just planning the menu and how to keep myself occupied during the week, other days I'm sewing, and even others I'm planning parties. I will discuss what I do here in hopes that maybe someone will give me advice or I can give advice on the things I talk about.

In addition, I have been struggling with my weight for quite some time now. I'm so embarrassed about my weight, and I have let it affect my relationships. I have lost the confidence I had so much of long ago. In hopes to use this as a way to keep me on track with my weight loss trials, I will discuss what I have been doing. I KNOW there are moms out there who are working hard, such as I am, only to see no results just like me. Hopefully we can encourage each other.

So with all that said, here goes nothing....

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